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You're not supposed to want what you can't have, but I do.

I want her. 

The problem?

She's my stepsister!

He's my best friend's brother. He's off limits, and it was never a problem until it was.


She was mine once, but then she married my brother. Now, he's gone, and I still haven't gotten over my first love. She might be the only person who can save me from myself but I don't know if I can forgive her.

He's a legend. A God of rock with a tortured past. She's the daughter of the CEO of his record label, but no one knows, and she planned to keep it that way, along with the real reason she joined the crew. She planned to skate under the radar, but when a prank on the first day of the tour sent her straight to Aero Lawson's bedroom on his tour bus, things got a little hectic and heated, and not in a good way. I'm going to add a trigger warning for sensitive topics.


They say monsters come in all forms - Mine stands 6'2" with blue eyes and a craving for virgin blood. 

Trystan & Cam's story. If you haven't read Dirty Pucking Tease start there. 

He's my best friend's hot older rockstar stepbrother who I've been obsessed with since the first time I saw him, but he doesn't even know I'm alive. Well, until he does. He made me believe he was mine but he wasn't and it almost destroyed me. I moved on with someone new and now he's back to grovel.

Season 1 - Completed
Season 2 - Ongoing
KV U8 .png

I live in a town where football is life. I hate football, and so does my best friend.

The untouchable-eight run this town, and when they force Alyssa into their rally girl initiation. I made a deal with him to save her, or so I thought.

Turned out things aren't what I thought, and now I can't get away from the untouchable eight. This is a DARK romance; please do not ignore my warning. If you are easily triggered, this may not be the story for you.

Coming Soon to Kindle Vella

Syn's story coming next!!!

The Ashford Brother's, Beckett, Grayson, and Caden, all thrive on competition. All three are competitive hockey players that make everything in life a competition and when my mom marries their dad I quickly become the obsession of all three.


He's my dead best friends's older brother who still blames me for her death and now my mother gave him something new to hate me for, breaking up his family and moving me into his twin sister's room.

Trigger Warning:

This is a dark college bully romance that contains graphic and questionable behavior that is not suitable for all readers.


  1. Will these come out in ebook?

    1. Most will; however, Vicious Games and My Pucking Stepbrothers are meant to be serialized and will not be converted to long form. ​

  2. When will they be available on Kindle Unlimited?

    1. Once they are complete. ​Follow my social media for updates.

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